Monday, March 29, 2010

I slept like a log last night.

Hey everyone so here's one last quick idioms lesson for the month. When you want to say you slept really well you can say:

I slept like a log.

Now what is a log? In Japanese, a log is: 丸木 (まるき).

And when you sleep like a log, you slept really deeply and soundly without waking up till morning. You didn't move at all just like a fallen log. In Japanese, to sleep like a log is:

グースカ or 寝付がいい (ねつきがいい)

Now, when you CAN'T sleep well we usually say:

I was tossing and turning all night.

Meaning you couldn't fall asleep and you kept moving around in your bed so you slept badly. Which in Japanese would be:

輾転反側 (てんてんはんそく) or

寝相が悪い (ねぞうがわるい)

While being unable to sleep well is:

寝苦しい (ねぐるしい)

So here are some example sentences:

A: Did you sleep well?

B: Yeah, I slept like a log~! I feel great!

Summers in Japan are too hot! I spend the whole night tossing and turning and feel terrible in the morning! Maybe I need to buy a new air conditioner...

So I think that is it for March, see you in April for some more mini-lessons!


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