Sunday, April 4, 2010

It depends on my mood...

Hey everyone, today we will talk about two really useful words:

to depend (v)

mood (n)

to depend (v)

Now this verb has three main meanings:

1- to trust, have confidence in,

Don't worry about it, you can depend on me~!

2- to rely on someone for support, often financially

My Mother depends on my Father.

3- to be contingent on something... if A then B. So what happens will be decided by something else and many times part of the information is not mentioned directly.

I'm not sure if I will get the job or not, it depends on how my interview goes.

Meaning, If my interview goes well (A) then I will get the job (B). Here the thing getting the job depends on is mentioned directly.

A: Are you hungry?

B: It depends on what's for dinner.

Meaning, if dinner is food I like then I am hungry, if it is food I don't like then I am not hungry~! Here the thing being hungry depends on has been omitted, it is not mentioned directly.


This is a feeling, state of mind or, emotion. It is often used to mean what do you feel like doing/eating/drinking/etc. In Japanese, you would say:

気分 (きぶん)

I'm in the mood for Mexican food.


I feel like eating Mexican food.

I'm in a good mood.


I feel happy.

A: What kind of music do you like?

B: It depends on my mood. Sometimes I like rock and sometimes I like hip hop.

meaning, it depends on how I feel (my mood) at the time I am listening to music.

Ok, I hope you enjoyed the first lesson of the month of April. I will try and post 8 this month... wish me luck~!


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